Hera Agathon (halftoastergirl) wrote,
Hera Agathon

118 - "Can't you rise above trivialities for once?" (May Topic)

"Daddy, can I talk to you?"

Hera Agathon was wringing her hands, slightly worried. She figured she knew what her father would say, but out of talking to her father or her mother? She was going to talk to her father. Sharon Agathon was off doing some work for the CO, so it was the perfect time to corner her father. Karl Agathon nodded very seriously at his daughter as he sat her down in their personal quarters, hands clasped and waiting for her to start.

"Daddy... Joseph Adama asked me to marry him." She paused. "And I said yes."

She winced, waiting for him to yell at her about it. Everyone had gotten so upset once the news had spread about Anne Adama marrying Nicky Tyrol in secret, so Hera just knew this wasn't going to go well. As soon as her father took a deep breath and rubbed his forehead, Hera frowned.


"Is that all you can think about, Hera? Marrying a boy you barely know?"

Hera looked away. She knew Joseph well enough! Why did people always say that about it? Well, her parents, at least. They'd finally given their blessing for the two to date, but still...

"Your mother doesn't know about this, does she?"

She shook her head. "I... well, I wanted to ask you, first."

"Because you knew what your mother would say, Hera." Karl sighed and shook his head. "You are still in the ROTC program. You were supposed to be learning and studying more about the gods and our religion. You have meetings with Doc Cottle and other people about the nightmares you had from New Caprica! Hera, you are..."

"The face of the future, the shape of things to come," she added rather glumly. She didn't want to be that, though. She wanted to be a normal girl.

Her father just looked at her. "My answer will be the same as your mother's."

"Which will be no, then."

"Go ask her and explain why marriage is more important than everything else in your life. Maybe she'll understand."

Hera perked up at that. She saw a slight smile on her father's face, and remembered all the stories about how her parents had met, how her mother had pushed aside everything important in her life for her father. Maybe... maybe there was hope after all. Hera stood and hugged her father. "Thank you, Daddy," she whispered.

"Of course, sweetheart."

Muse: Hera Agathon
Fandom: "Battlestar Galactica" OC
Word Count: 407
OOC: Muses mentioned are callsign_helo (Karl), number_eight (Sharon), & son_also_rises (Joseph) and are used with the muns' permission.
Tags: dad, joseph, mom, quotable muse
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